Library Committee (336-6622)
Rosary Group (Sherry Verral 445-2153)
Ladies Luncheon Club (Socorro Alvarado)
Tri-Parish Food Bank (Gene Thomas 424-8485)
Maternity Lending Center (Guillermina Bazante 559-517-4033)
St. Martin De Porres Shelter Collection (Steve Miller 360-708-2722)
St. Vincent de Paul (Jeff & Jodi McGowan)
Hispanic Charismatic Group (Juan Ramirez)
El Shaddai Filipino Charismatic Group(Nelma & Scott McMullen 424-0527)
Knights of Columbus (Peter Rosenstein 360-708-5496 and Ken McCulloch 360-421-5077)
Men's SacraMentors (Gene Thomas 424-8485)
Salesians (Kitty Pederson 336-3594 or Pauline Cline 428-6665)
Lay Franciscans (Christopher)
Carmelites Legion of Mary (Regli Wilson
Angel Giving Trees (Maggie Wallace 848-0689)
Youth Migrant Project (Jose Ortiz 333-5015)
Human Life ()
Spiritual Book Club (Pauline Cline 428-6665)

Support Ministries

Offertory Counting (Jamie Cline 336-6622)
Communications Coordinator (Tom Ozretich 424-8466)
Church Cleaning, Building Maintenance (336-6622)
Landscaping & Gardens (336-6622)

Online Giving

Online Giving

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